Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Days of Summer 2011 - A Photo Diary.

Sunset on Lake Huron, near Penetanguishene.

Although this summer we didn't have any solid plans to vacation with our kids due to a family member's illness we did try to do some things to make it special.

Here are some pictures I took during that time.

Wild flower - Foley's Mountain, near Westport, ON.
Sumac lined path at Bonnechere Caves.

Clematis, really close to home - in the backyard.

Another glorious sunset on Lake Huron.

Penetanguishene - impatiens I believe. 

John's beach - Lake Huron.

Incredible sky outside my front door -
probably the only good thing left by Hurricane Irene. 

another outside my door.

and another - I was busy clicking away that evening!

Julian's halo on Lake Huron ..rarely

My crowd - my two and my two nephews -
they had so much fun!

Enjoying the day at Foley's Mountain.

Look mom I can hike and drink at the same time.

Purple cone flowers, Westport.

White cone flowers.

Cottage life.

Lovely garden in Westport.

playing with shadows - backyard.

having fun at Saunders Farm

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